The brain needs nutrients to perform.


The Brain Shake

              • The Brain is the body’s most important organ. It controls our memories, our thoughts, and directs all the body’s functions.
              • While It weighs only 2% of the body, it consumes 25% of energy and 40% of nutrients from food, requiring 25% of blood in each heart beat.
              • Today’s diet lacks nutrients for the brain and we are literally killing our brain daily and underperforming for that reason. Artificial stimulants & drugs might give a short term boost, but ultimately have many negative long term consequences.
              • The Brain Shake
                • The world’s first food for the brain
                • Unlocks our brain’s natural power to perform
                • Utilizes nutrients, nature’s gift to humans, free of drugs
                • Feeds the brain everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t
              • Use The Brain Shake for:
                • Improved focus, memory, cognition & moods
                • Increase energy and recovery
                • To fight inflammation, pain, and stress
                • To slow brain atrophy
                • To maintain brain health, and fight dementia and Alzheimer’s
                • To manage weight loss and lose inches, developing radiant skin and stronger nails & hair
              • Coming Soon: We are conducting a clinical study at Harvard Medical to evaluate the Brain Shake’s effectiveness to fight brain disease.
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            • Load the brain with nutrients

              • 119 Nutrients
                • To improve focus and mental clarity
                • To spark energy and performance
                • To ignite fast recovery
                • To lose weight and inches
                • To protect brain health
              • Same Nutrient Loading as other products
              • PLUS proprietary BrainCare™
                • to protect brain health
              • Complete meal in only 250 calories
            • Improve brain performance and save money!

              • Price - only $4/meal for a complete meal
                • Compare: Fractions of what typical meals
                  • Home cooking = ~$5/meal
                  • Out of home meal = ~$13/meal

              Serving: Ready to drink: just add water or favorite liquid

                • Two scoops of Brain Shake with 8-oz of water, milk, soy milk, almond milk, or other liquid, and shake well
                • Or throw into a blender with whatever you love and is good for you ( fruit, peanut butter, kale, etc...)
                • Don't like it as a shake? Put on yogurt or cereal
                • Enjoy as your brain will love you for Nutrient Loading
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Caution - side effects: Radiant skin, stronger nails and thicker hair

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