Blood Pressure Study


We explored the effect of an 8-week heart-targeted dietary program, consisting of three nutrient-dense foods, which provided nearly 100% of the daily need for each vitamin and mineral, except sodium and chloride.

In exchange for free food and a blood pressure monitoring device, 7 hypertensive participants provided weekly, self-reported information about blood pressure, body weight, and quality of life indicators.


The heart-targeted dietary program produced more of a BP lowering effect than the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), which is the main dietary treatment of hypertension.

Indicators of quality of life improved ( physical function and mental health) compared to a healthy population, as did having a better overall feeling of wellbeing, having more energy, and eating a better diet.


New approaches are needed to lower blood pressure. Drugs take time to become effective (3 months or longer), cost more than dietary management, and have side effects not seen with a dietary intervention.

The heart-targeted dietary program may offer a more effective, less expensive, faster approach to treating hypertension than either pharmaceuticals or the DASH diet.

Bell S, Baker RA, Marsland C. Effect of a Heart-Targeted Dietary Program on Blood Pressure: Summary Data and a Series of Case Reports. Med J Clin Trials Case Stud.2018;2(11):1-9.

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