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Cellular Regeneration: The Foundation of Healing

Each system grows and regenerates cells at a predetermined rate. This process is called cellular regeneration, and it happens throughout our lives. However, proper cellular regeneration only occurs when we consume the right kinds and right amounts of nutrients each day.

Poor nutrition slows down the speed of cellular regeneration and increases the rate of cellular death. The result is under-developed mental function and stunted growth for children, and inflammation, rapid aging, weakened bodies and increased risk of chronic disease for adults.

Most body systems and organs regenerate cells, but some do not. The cells in our brains and eyes and the entire nervous system do not regenerate new cells. Once these cells die, they are lost forever — that’s why it’s important we protect those cells against early cell death. The only way to do that is to eat foods rich in the nutrients our bodies need every day.

This widely accepted science is an important part of Peak Health’s mission. All our products are designed to provide everything your body needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Key organs, rate at which cells regenerate, and key nutrients necessary for regeneration

Organs with no cell regeneration, and key nutrients for protection from early cell death

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