Good Nutrition Affects Everyone

From the time we start eating regular meals as infants until our dying day, good nutrition helps our bodies and brains stay healthy, heal and thrive.
"The world’s leading researchers in nutrition have identified specific nutrients that are important for promoting brain health"
-Dr. Stacey Bell


The importance of good nutrition applies to all ages:


Nothing more powerful to children’s mental and physical development than nutritious foods. Childhood modalities associated with poor diet include obesity, low energy, acne, stress, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and childhood diabetes.

Young Adults:

Regular consumption of nutrient-dense foods leads to reduced anxiety and depression, increased energy and libido, better sleep and peak performance. Good nutrition also helps women stay strong and healthy during pregnancy.


Nutrient-dense foods reduce inflammation, ease joint pain and arthritis, slows rapid aging and lowers hypertension and high cholesterol levels. They also increase libido, minimize sleep disorders and fight weight gain, metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes/type 2 diabetes.


Chronic diseases such as cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, heart and kidney disease, arthritis and other debilitating and oftentimes fatal diseases affect millions of seniors. A lifetime of good nutrition and exercise (and no smoking) reduces the risk of chronic disease by 80 percent.


Good nutrition makes all the difference in our personal and family health and leads to better health and wellness and a much greater quality of life.

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