A Closer Look at the Environmental Impacts of Current Agricultural and Food Manufacturing Practices
Current food production and agricultural practices are literally killing Mother Earth and are leaving future generations with many severe environmental disasters.

The link between food production and environmental destruction

“Farm to Fork” is just one of many hot trends in how people want to eat. Eating fresh certainly has merit, but farm-to-fork and other flavor-of-the-day food consumption trends are not sustainable agricultural movements for a variety of reasons.

The facts: Current environmental practices are killing Mother Earth.

Food gets wasted for many reasons. In the United States, most waste is attributable to picky consumers who choose only the best-looking fruits and vegetables. In less-developed countries, fresh food often is wasted because of poor infrastructure — food spoils before it can get into the hands of the people that need and want it.

Food waste: A closer look

That’s why we came up with a solution.
Peak Health: Zero-waste foods Our foods have zero waste. We remove water — the major cause of food spoilage — and foods are rehydrated at time of consumption. Just two of our meals a day gives you 70 percent of all your Daily Values of all required nutrients. Why do we recycle cans and plastic, or use recyclable bags at the grocery store? Because we care about leaving Mother Earth healthy future generations. Incorporate a zero-waste food program into your life.

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