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Liver Health
The liver plays an integral part in cleansing our blood of unwanted substances. Regular consumption of nutrient-poor and fatty foods produces too many toxins for the liver to handle, and once stressed, liver function underperforms.

The link between nutrition liver health

The liver is the body’s blood filtering system and de-toxifying organ. We ingest all sorts of toxins daily, including alcohol, rich fatty foods, sugar, certain food additives, and drugs. The liver breaks down these toxins and removes them from the blood before they can harm our bodies. Excessive consumption of these toxins can stress the liver.

Certain dietary changes can improve liver function and help us avoid liver disease. Limiting alcohol intake and avoiding processed foods helps the liver do its job better. Antioxidant nutrients, such as vitamins C and E, all the B vitamins, and zinc and selenium, assist the liver with detoxification. Drink plenty of water, and avoid using herbal supplements claiming to cleanse the liver — many are not standardized to an efficacious dose and could be toxic.

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