Introducing Peak Health

Introducing Peak Health. The body is amazing. Be good to it.

Peak Health’s breakfast foods and shakes provide easy, nutrient-dense meals so we all can enjoy better health and lives.

Beginning in February, customers will receive products from Peak Health, our long-term brand. However, this is just a name change. Both our food and our core mission of providing health through nutrition remain unchanged.

New name, same healthy products

Our products are the same nutritious foods and shakes you've long enjoyed. Our nutrient-rich Health and Brain shakes and breakfast foods promote total brain and body health and contain the ingredients you need daily to heal, stay healthy and thrive.

Peak Health's products promote many positive health outcomes, including:

  • Improved cognitive performance and mental sharpness
  • Weight loss and weight management
  • Reduced inflammation for better joint and body health
  • More energy, better sleep and increased libido
  • Greater child development and complete women’s health
  • Anti-aging for healthier skin, hair and nails

The body is amazing. Be good to it.

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