Raw Amino Power™ - Protein in its rawest form for increased strength, stamina and recovery

Peak Health’s Raw Amino Power gives your body a boost of raw essential amino acids for immediate absorption. Raw Amino Power is Peak Health’s secret to:

Raw Amino Power is a blend of the 12 essential amino acids that our bodies can’t naturally produce. RAP is immediately delivered to your body to promote increased muscle size and assure all body functions perform optimally. This includes making new hormones and enzymes to support all crucial body functions, and new cells for skin, muscles and brain tissue.

We developed RAP based on published scientific research studies. The essential amino acids are provided in the right balance and right ratios for optimal delivery of each amino acid.

The 12 essential amino acids in Raw Amino Power

Raw Amino Power includes:

Raw Amino Power — Why it Works

RAP was designed based on diets used for patients in the intensive care unit, who need immediate absorption of amino acids for recovery. The fastest way to deliver amino acids is in their raw form. We add Raw Amino Power to milk proteins (non-fat milk powder and whey) for time-released benefit — RAP hits the bloodstream first, followed by the amino acids from the milk products.

This timed release allows your muscles and entire body to get a continuous supply of amino acids. One serving of Raw Amino Power has more than 66% of the entire day’s requirement of each essential amino acid your body needs daily. It’s our secret behind greater strength, improved stamina and high energy.

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