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Peak Health for beauty, fitness, performance and overall health

"Peak Health foods have literally changed my life! Along with losing approximately 200 pounds, I have gained my mobility and my life back. My health has done a complete 180.
I now go to the gym, and do yoga. I drive, and get in and out of vehicles much more easily. I even flew to Texas this summer and sat in coach! The first time that I can remember – I used to have to fly first class with the bigger seat. I'm able clean, do work around the yard, even clean the pool. I was subbing those chores out. I now sleep in my bed, instead of on the recliner or couch. I can now go up stairs normally - instead of one at a time. I'm not winded after a flight of stairs, my breathing has drastically improved.
The food tastes great and has the most convenient preparation ever. The best part is I feel nutritionally satisfied with all those nutrients feeding my body. I'm not at all hungry!!!
Thank you to everyone at Peak Health."
- Gus S.

"I've been eating this cereal daily since September and it completely healed my eczema! I tried multiple medications and lotions throughout my life but nothing worked as well as this cereal."
- Adela P.

"I love the smoothie and usually drink it for breakfast. I make it with almond milk, and it's rich and creamy and stays with me all day. Cellular satiety! As I began to daily eat two to three servings of the foods, my complexion cleared and actually began to glow. Oily skin and breakouts that I have had for a lifetime ended. Severe eczema, which I have had for years and my doctor could not heal with RX ornament, subsided 90%. My usual Boundless Energy Quantum leaped to Infinity. I am sleeping more soundly and have healthy pink fingernails. I enjoy the feeling of self-esteem I get from knowing I'm taking the best possible care of my health."
- Diane D.

"Four years ago I suffered a severe stroke which left me immobile. Due to not being able to walk or exercise, I gained several extra pounds. A friend of mine told me he'd lost weight by drinking the Brain Shake so I thought I'd give it a try. I drank a Brain Shake for breakfast and lunch, then I ate a regular healthy meal for dinner. After two months, I lost 25 pounds. In addition, I found my short term memory had sharpened. The Brain Shake tastes good and I was not at all hungry between meals. I am continuing to use this product to maintain my weight loss."
- Dr. John Boise

"Changed our lives - The oatmeal and hot rice cereal totally changed our lives forever. My wife and I each lost over 40 pounds and kept it off without diet or forced exercise. Plus, my wife was declared officially no longer type II diabetic."
- David & Delores K.

"66 lbs later - The Breakfast Rice/power porridge is an incredible product. The satiety in the product allows me to have 1.75 scoops each morning 5-7 days a week and in so doing I give up my lunch and a couple of snacks. I don't miss them at all. So about 3 to 4 pm I start to get hungry and I start to think about dinner. This product is incredible, it has allowed me to keep this weight off, now going on 3 plus years."
- Sandy T.

"I have more energy and feel healthier overall - Due to a gastro-intestinal health condition I have had since 1985, "Crohn's disease", I have to really watch what I eat. Most of the time, my body does not have the opportunity to absorb nutrients from foods that pass through the system far too quickly. Therefore, I had been in a constant state of feeling run down and depleted for many years.

I was very excited when I found these foods a couple of years ago. My favorites are the shakes and the hot rice cereal. My body tolerates these foods and I feel that I am finally able to get the nutrition my body has been craving for years. I now have more energy and an overall healthier feeling both mentally and physically. I am looking forward to trying the brain shakes next.

I want to sincerely thank you for providing these very important foods for me."
- Sandra E.

"Why I love the Vanilla health shake. It mixes up a lot easier then the chocolate one did plus there is so many ways that you can make different great tasting shakes. I use Nestle nesquik chocolate with no added sugar and strawberry flavor, also so I use powdered peanut butter. They all shake up great. In the blender, I use frozen fruit. I would love to give you my testimony on what happen to my health after eating the foods with all the 43 essential nutrients in them, that I started eating Feb. 9, 2015. This might be a little long, but when you live to be in your seventies and misuses your body as I did you have some health problems. I smoke for 55 plus years, so in 2007 I was diagnosed with COPD and in 2008 they said I had congestive heart failure. So for 8 years I use a combivent [inhaler] 6 or 7 times a day for my breathing and now after 22 month’s on these foods with the 43 essential nutrients in them, I very happy to say I only use it 1 or 2 times a day. I when to heart Dr. 4 times a year for the last 7 years on May 26, 2015 the heart Dr. release me and said that I did not need to come back no more, that I can just see my main Dr. There is a lot more but this is enough to let you know that I am a VERY HAPPY man. Update Dec 4 2016, I did use 4 different pills for my congestive heart failure, now I am down to just 2."
- Otis D.

"One of my elderly patients suffers from mild to moderate cognitive deficits and mild to moderate low back pain. He had a work injury which involved a head-on collision while working as a state trooper. He started eating one bowl of oatmeal every day. He told me they should call it a super-food because it cleared up his cognition dramatically and helped with pain control! He was very happy with the benefits he experienced by eating the apple cinnamon oatmeal!"
- Dr. Bill C.

"After 3 days of daily brain shake my energy levels jumped dramatically. The ability to get such such good food so easily made me feel better than I have in years."
- Diane R.

"I love the chocolate [Brain]shake. It is the best tasting and most effective protein shake I have ever tried. I truly see an improvement in my cognitive ability and I am completely satiated. My daughter loves it as well – she is eight years old. It has become a key component of our healthy eating and life style. I cannot recommend it more highly to anyone who wants to improve their mental focus and eat clean protein."
- Tracy M.

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