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We Control 80 Percent of our Lifelong Health and Wellness

"If you want to maximize your potential in life, you must support your brain nutritionally."
-Martin Katzman, MD, FRCP(c)

Nutrition follows us throughout our lives. Eighty percent of the health and wellness issues we will face stem from lifestyle choices, starting with our diet.

 Our brains and bodies require many different nutrients each day to function properly. This is a non-negotiable biochemical reality. Foods lacking the essential ingredients our bodies need forces our cells to compete for the limited supply of nutrients. Our most vital organs win, lesser organs lose out, and they begin functioning poorly. Our bodies become weaker, and our cells are exposed to inflammation.

This is the beginning of wellness and health issues.

Nutrient-dense foods provide our brains and bodies with the chemical compounds they need to stay healthy, heal and thrive. Some people have good genes and will avoid chronic disease as they age. Most of us, however, need to do four things throughout our lives to avoid debilitating health and wellness issues:

In the U.S., 86 percent of all health care costs are tied to chronic disease. Changing your diet can enhance your mental abilities and protect your brain and body from chronic disease. Here’s an easy rule of thumb: Foods that are good for your heart are also good for your brain. Foods low in fat and high in essential nutrients reduce the risk of memory loss, help prevent strokes and boost mental clarity and alertness.

Chronic disease does not have to be part of aging process.

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