Most cereals are just EMPTY AND BAD calories

The only Cereal that gives your body the nutrients it needs to:

Stay young, look great, loss weight, perform well and good health

Seriously Cereal

  • Why eat a breakfast cereal or granola which does harm to your body? Most are heavy sugar, lack of critical nutrients like Omega 3 damage your body long term and why would you ever eat artificial stuff.

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  • Load the body with nutrients

    • 97 Nutrients
      • Stronger heart
      • Lower blood pressure & cholesterol
      • Glowing skin, stronger nails, thicker hair
      • Faster healing & recovery
      • Improve energy, recovery, & endurance
      • Anti-aging
      • Less pain and inflammation
      • Boosting immunities & disease prevention
      • Better moods, sleep & attraction
      • Better digestion & organ health
      • Kills hunger - lose weight and inches
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    • 97 nutrients & ~20 to 30% of daily needs
    • All essential nutrients to ignite cell regeneration
    • High fiber for digestive health
    • An economy of calories: ~250 calories in each meal
    • Powerful anti-oxidants to reduce stress
    • Anti-inflammatory for less pain & organ health
    • Nourishes neurotransmitters
    • Resets the microbiome with healthy bacteria
    • Reboots and recharges organs
    • Boost immune protection
    • Eliminates harmful ingredients & unnecessary calories
    • Kills hunger with satiety
  • Improve performance and save money!

    • Price - only $2.67/meal for a complete meal
      • Compare: Fractions of what typical meals cost
        • Home cooking = ~$5/meal
        • Out of home meal = ~$13/meal

    Serving: Ready to eat: just add milk

      • Two scoops of Seriously Cereal with 8-oz of milk, soy milk, almond milk
      • Or add whatever you love and is good for you (banana, berries, etc...)
      • Enjoy as your body will love you for Nutrient Loading
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