Daily consumption of Brain Shake and Wonder Bar– Unlocks the Brain’s Natural Power

Nutrient Brain



  • Mental Clarity: Improve Focus & Cognition, Mental Recovery, Sustained Alertness, Keep Memory, Fight Dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Perform Better: Increased & Sustained Energy, Rapid Recovery, Muscular Health and Fitness, Better Sleep, Mood, and Attraction


  • $6/day (saving of $2.25 off retail)
  • Two Meals/day: Brain Shake and Wonder Bar
  • 30 Day Program, designed to auto-ship every month
  • $180/Month

    • Radiant Skin, Stronger & Faster Growing Nails & Hair
    • Better Health: Body’s Organs & Systems Functioning Properly; Anti-Inflammation; Fight Diseases
    • Lose Weight and Inches by Being Full
    • Save Money: Two Meals for Only $6/day
    • Save Time: Everything is Done; Simple, Easy Meals
    • Save the Earth: No Food Waste
    • The brain is the body’s most important organ:
      • Controls our memories, our thoughts, and directs all the body’s functions
      • Weighs only 2% of the body, but consumes 25% of energy and 40% of nutrients from food, and requires 25% of blood in each heart beat
    • Today’s foods lack the nutrients for the brain and we are literally killing our brain daily and underperforming.
    • The NutrientBrain Program gives the brain what it needs, and nothing it doesn’t.
    • The Program nourishes our brain cells with critical nutrients:
      • 119 nutrients
      • Essential nutrients
      • Powerful antioxidants
      • Reduction of oxidative stress
      • Improved cognition & brain health
      • Boost immunity and disease prevention
      • Slow brain atrophy
      • Replenish neurotransmitters
      • Anti-inflammatory benefits for less pain
      • Free of unnecessary and damaging ingredients
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